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How much does CircumReality cost to play?

CircumReality is free to play. You can play through the entire game without paying.

However, I need to pay the bills too. I'm a small, one-person company, and have invested an enormous amount of time in CircumReality, working on it since 2001. Therefore, some additional features are only available if you pay a one-time fee of US $20. (Price subject to change.) These features include:

  • Additional content - Even though you can still complete the game with the free version of CircumReality, many worlds include additional content for full-version players.

  • Change your character's appearance and voice - The full version of CircumReality lets you customise your character's appearance and voice.

  • Dual-monitor support - If you have two monitors attached to a dual-monitor compatible video card, CircumReality will use both monitors to display game information.

  • High-quality graphics - The full version of CircumReality produces higher-quality images of scenes, characters, and objects than the free version.

  • High-quality text-to-speech voices - The full version lets you install high-quality text to speech voices. They sounds better than the standard voices. (High-quality voices require a dual-core computer with 2 gigabytes of RAM and 64-bit Windows.)

  • Mouth animations (lip sync) - Characters' mouths move when they speak.

  • Multiple characters - You are only allowed one character when using the trial or free versions of CircumReality.

  • Personal information - One of the reasons to play an online game is to meet other people. The full version of CircumReality lets you to write your own personalised "character information", allowing you to make a good impression before you open your mouth. :-)

  • Upload images - Lets you replace the computer-drawn images of your character with ones that you draw yourself.

  • Voice chat - Talk to other players using your computer's microphone.


Most of the additional features are enabled for a limited trial period, so you can try them out before you buy.

Additionally, since players create their own world, some non-mXac worlds may require an additional payment.



How do I pay?

The CirumReality application provides a link to a web page where you can enter your credit card details, or pay by cheque.



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